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Laborde25logo.pngWelcome to Laborde & Associates, CPA. Founded in 1988, Laborde & Associates is an established bilingual firm on the south side of San Antonio.

More than 75% of our customers are privately-held, small businesses - many family-owned. We help them navigate the sometimes complex accounting systems in ways that build income, protect assets and preserve wealth.

Come join our family of clients. We look forward to working with you!

Current News

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Top Eight Tax Tips about Deducting Charitable Contributions

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Key Tax & Filing Dates

Mon., May 11

  • Employers: Employees are required to report to you tips of $20 or more earned during April.
  • File Form 941 for the first quarter if your timely deposited all required payments.

Fri., May 15

  • Deposit payroll tax for April if the monthly deposit rule applies.
  • Deadline for Corporations and LLCs to file Franchise Tax report for State of Texas, or request a six month extension.
  • Deadline for Calendar-year Non-Profit Organizations to file Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, or request a  three month extension.

Wed., May 20

  • Employers: State sales and use tax due.


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